Riparian Restoration & Community Engagement

‘ The community plays a vital role in the management of waterways in Australia. The ‘community’ includes everyone  from  individuals, groups such as landcare and rivercare, non government organisations through to commercial  businesses and  government agencies. Sustainable and productive river management requires many different  sectors of the community to work  together regardless of very different viewpoints and interests.

Riparian management and rehabilitation also lends itself to more general community involvement, as there are a  number of  hand-on activities that can be carried out such as planting, on-ground works, maintenance, monitoring  and evaluation. These  activities are fairly straightforward and provide a good way to raise awareness. They also  provide a way for people to become  involved in helping to protect and repair the environment.”

(from, “riverways-shortcuts to River Management Information in Australia”,  p.76, Greening Australia Ltd., 2005.


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