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A ‘Mitchell Creek & Escarpment Feasibility & Operations Study’ was announced today by NTG as part of $4.5 mill Palmerston funding grant

Thanks to Eva Lawler, Minister for Infrastructure/ Planning/ Logistics &Tony Sievers MLA Brennan for their support in improving community engagement in our Catchment. See today’s Press Release for details. http://newsroom.nt.gov.au/mediaRelease/31261

  • Photowalk along high ridgeline in Mitchell Creek Catchment WHEN: 3 PM on Sunday 30 March 2014 WHERE: the end of Belyuen Road, Rosebery WHAT: A walk through the Mitchell Creek bush area with a variety of botanists, ecologists and photographers. Bring your telephoto for the birds, your macro for the insects and flowers, and your wide angle for the gorgeous scenery. Come document the beauty of this area.                   We are going out to find more about this tree-the Eucalyptus atrovirens  and the surrounding environment. This tree is also considered to be a subspecies of Corymbia dichromophloia or small fruited bloodwood. See link below, http://bie.ala.org.au/species/Gumtopped+Bloodwood#tab_gallery