Vegetation Map (1995) with quadrats (1998) – Mitchell Creek Catchment

“A terrestrial vertebrate survey was undertaken between October 1 and November 25 1998, (late dry season) totalling 32 person days. A total of 16 quadrats (50m x 50m ) were sampled within the following floristic groups, taken from Greening  Australia Report (Denny & Brock 1995) and the Mitchell Creek Vegetation Map (Brock 1995).” page 9

Main vegetation types used for stratification and number of quadrats.

Floristic Group                             Percent Area of Catchment  %                             Number of Quadrats

Riparian Community                                                12                                                                              3

Pandanus Spiralis low woodland                          18                                                                              3

Eucalyptus foelscheana low open woodland       23                                                                              3

Eucalyptus tetrodonta, E. miniata woodland       35                                                                              4

Mangrove community                                             12                                                                               3


from “Vertebrate Fauna Survey of Mitchell Creek Catchment” by Robin Beatty (BSc (Zoology), Faculty of Science, School of Biological and environmental Sciences, dissertation submitted 22/2/1999


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