About Friends

Our Friends Group came together during 2009-11 in response to the rapid construction of intensive residential development in the Mitchell Creek Catchment in the floodplain and escarpment. We are based in Palmerston NT.

In late August 2011 we formed the incorporated association Friends of Mitchell Creek Catchment Landcare Group Inc., Our aims are

  • to maintain our advocacy for a catchment management approach by all relevant stakeholders;
  • to  maintain and increase community engagement and awareness via Landcare activities; 
  • to maintain our advocacy for recognition and development of the catchment’s potential for recreation, heritage and eco-tourism.

Our activities are many and varied and you can participate in

  •  a variety of community awareness activities during the year ie being available at our market stall
  • carrying  out weed management and reveg throughout the Catchment;
  • attend/assist guided walks;
  • lobby politicians to respect the catchment ‘s bio-diversity;
  • free access to training in community group skills including GIS skills development via TNRM
  • design and/or present land management awareness sessions to the public;
  • be involved with environmental education initiatives;
  •  all this and more  -we’d love to hear your ideas!

If you are interested in participating in the  Friends Landcare Group contact us – we’d love to meet you!

You can join the friends of Mitchell Creek Catchment Landcare Group Inc as a volunteer or member or both. Please see the Membership page.


2 thoughts on “About Friends

  1. The peace pole is a great idea I feel it should be situated between the army tank and the memorial cross in our CBD.
    This website is excellent I have learnt so much about land management a brilliant resource. Its great to see an community group with such professionalism.

    Posted by Shin Tung La | 26/08/2012, 10:24 am
  2. Our thinking has been to locate the peace pole in a natural environment setting, Ideally we would like to establish a Peace Park. We are working towards lease of a site in the Catchment to undertake a number of activities including the concept of the peace park/pole. This is because of our main focus on environmental issues. We are aiming for a celebration in the form of a blessing of the biodiversity of the Catchment later in 2012.
    thanks for the positive response on the blog!! Much appreciated.

    Posted by sue mckinnon | 27/08/2012, 1:47 pm

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