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Update – Monsoon Gully Conservation Zoning reinstated

Monsoon Gully Conservation Zoning has been re-instated over the site of approximately 6.4 hectares.- September.

The eastern boundary is of most concern now that the Gully is situated within a newly released residential area.

We recently (20/10/14) applied for a Federal Department of Environment 25th Anniversary Landcare Grant to cover a biological survey; weed and fire management; community engagement activities including interpretive signage.

As we are unaware of the likelihood of being successful in this funding application and the need for protection* is high we are currently working with the current developer & NT Heritage Branch to develop and install interpretive signage around the site ideally by Christmas. (*Due to the very recent exposure of the gully to potential extreme weather, pest, fire and human interference.)

Monsoon Gully

NTLIS map of Monsoon Gully Conservation area Johnston Palmerston NT. Conservation area is deep green running from north to south on the eastern side of the map.

Access to the Gully is via a footbridge and walking path off Polglase St  Johnston Ridge. Alternatively you can reach the site via the WW2 Heritage Site walking path which starts in the grounds of McKillop College off Farrar Boulevarde. There aren’t any maps showing this walking trail connection as yet due to the quick development of area.