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The Great Northern Cleanup the tropical version of cleanupaustraliaday Saturday 11/9/10

The Great Northern Cleanup will be held on the 11 September 2010 at Mitchell Creek Bakewell.

If you are interested please sign on as volunteer at http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/Mitchell+Creek+Catchment+. in this way we can keep a track of who will be attending as we have an obligation to keep you and your children and pets safe while participating in this Great Australian past-time. we can also provide gloves, bags and a Certificate of Involvement at the end of the session.

Further more if you do log onto the website and join up and/or donate $ to the national cleanup cause, Friends of Mitchell Creek gets national publicity – that is via the website!! I usually donate $15-00 but it can be $5-00 for example which all helps!!

Sue Mckinnon

Site Co-ordinator

About Sue

Chair, Friends of Mitchell Creek Catchment Landcare Group Inc., -current. Chair, Landcare NT Inc., - current NT Director, National Landcare Network (NLN) - current Member, Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee - current


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